Icon-spaceblitzThis article is about a/an set of collectible devices in Bikini Rangers Space Blitz.

Transmorpher Cards

The Transmorpher Cards are cards the Space Blitz Rangers use to access a variety of powers. With the aid of special Transmorpher Cards, the adults are able to control the earth’s elements to use in their defense, and also give them access to amazing combat moves to help them transfrom. Each card holds a different power. Once the card is placed in the Blitz Power Morpher, it will activate the effect of the card.

Transmorpher Card Types


The phrase "It's Time for Space Blitz!" initiates the Morph to Ranger form. The cards are labeled Gosei and then color. They are labeled with Gosei's name and the Ranger's color. At the back, the word CHANGE is written.


  • The in-show prop cards are direct copies of the Gosei Cards from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Thus they retain the squigly character font set (non-Japanese) and the Japanese names (Gosei Red, Gosei Blue etc). They are also the likely reason for the retention of some of the Japanese names, as they appear on cards. The only names seen on cards so far but unused in dialogue or naming are "Skick", "Landick", "Seaick", "Hyper" and "Miracle".

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