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Titano Fusion Morpher
Transformation Gun Giga Gaburevolver
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion
Used by: Titano Yahshua
Special System: Battery Fusion Chargers
Production Order

Ptera Morpher


Blitz Power Morpher

-"Titano Fusion Engage!"

-"Dino Fusion Engage!"

- Dino Fusion Energize!

The Titano Fusion Morpher is a powerful version of the Dino Fusion Morpher used by Titano Yahshua and previously Bird-Man.

Transformation Edit

The morphing sequence is similar to that of the Dino Fusion Morpher. To transform, Nina Elle shouts "Dino Fusion Engage!" (optional) and inserts her activated Titano Charger into the mouth of the morpher. Once the mouth is pressed down, she spins the barrel by shouting "Titano Fusion Engage!", energizing the charger and raising the morpher up. She then pulls the trigger by shouting "Dino Fusion Energize!" and shoots into the air, forming a construct of the Titanozord's head, which flies around her, unleashing the power, then stops behind her and "chomps" once, forming the suit, with a second one to form the helmet.

The Silver Fusion Energem can also be used to morph.

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