Icon-kyoryugerThis article is about a/an episode in Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion.
The Zombie Holiday
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion, Episode 10x17
Air date May 1, 2017
Production Information
Written by Rachel Bloom
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado

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Fools or Trial

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The Zombie Holiday is the thirty-eighth episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion.


Leisure, a monster is released into the world, making all rangers become so lazy that they will soon zombie of starvation and inactivity. Now Nikki Benz and London Keyes have to stop her before her twin brother Loafer can steal the Fusion Energems.


To Be Added

Character Cast

Battery Fusion Chargers


  • When Leisure flies into space to shoot her sun rays at Earth, she flies from Japan. (This is due to the scene being Sentai footage.)
    • Also Dino Fusion Rangers roll calls, they wear Kyoryuger suits. (This is due to the scene being Sentai footage.)


  • This marks the first time that Nikki Benz has a solo morph.

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