Icon-ooThis article is about a/an team-up episode in Bikini Rangers omg!.
The Wild Thunder Cometh
Bikini Rangers omg!, Episode 7x37
Snapshot 1 (6-7-2014 9-06 AM)
Air date June 9, 2014
Production Information
Written by Rosa Becerra
Directed by Daniel Belgrave



Nikki Benz Unsure

Episode Guide

The Wild Thunder Cometh is the thirty-seventh episode of Bikini Rangers omg!  It's the first crossover with the team from Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder.


Christy Mack uses the Twin Brace Morpher to bring the Wild Thunder to the Atlanta where they meet the omg! Rangers. Danielle Staub insists that the Wild Thunder Rangers remain in the omg! Mansion to avoid problems with the timeline, but when Bonnie Rotten launches his biggest attack yet, the omg! Rangers may be in over their heads.


To Be Added

Character Cast


Minor Character Cast


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