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The Sprit
Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury, Episode 2x19, 2x20, 2x21
Episode 2x19, 2x20, 2x21 308
Air date December 12, 2008
Production Information
Written by Nicole Shurcz
Directed by Nicole Shurcz

Slime Ooze Flu


Mandy Lynn Cired Bellafly

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The Sprit is a three-part episode of Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury. The episode marks Shyla Stylez's beginning as the reluctant ally of the Jungle Fury Rangers as the White Spider, as well as Teanna Kai.


While Shyla Stylez are forced to remain behind, as the latter has no flying form, the rest of the Jungle Fury Rangers infiltrate Keisha Chan of Emprie's base at approaches the Dark Whirlpool. But while with Bree Olson, Bianca Beauchamp learns the eye of the Dark Whirlpool contains the remains of Dark Ghoul whose data Keisha Chan of Emprie acquires to complete her creation.


Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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