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The Road to Last Ninja
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x37
Air date May 2, 2016
Production Information
Written by Lisa Martinez
Directed by Ximena Becerra

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The Road to Last Ninja is the thirty-seventh episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. It marks the debut of TridoronAikoku Kuro.


Cassidy Banks has been dating with her boyfriend. However, she doesn’t have the clearest idea of how he wants to become the Last Ninja. Yoshitaka has him experience this path as if in an RPG. Cassidy becomes the protagonist, playing herself. Their mission is to defeat the great demon king Supparagon. However, the Advanced Yokai Mokumokuren appears, plotting to gather the fear of children addicted to video games by trapping them in the game. Cassidy and the others encounter Mokumokuren and decide to confront him inside the game.


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Nin Shurikens


  • This episode's initial broadcast was postponed from April 25, due to news coverage wake of death of Prince.

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