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The Kunoichi That Loved Brandy Aniston
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x34
Air date March 28, 2016
Production Information
Written by Ximena Becerra
Directed by Daniel Belgrave

Enter Serena Red, Legendary Gossip Ninja Mask!


Tasha Reign, the Glorious Super Star

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The Kunoichi That Loved Brandy Aniston is the thirty-fourth episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. It marks the debut of TridoronHarakiri Ao.


While Adriana Kate laments the loss of the “useful fox”, GZA Rabi now summons the 5th Ninja, the Kibaoni School Kunoichi Suzumebachi. Asa Akira is hit by one of her venom arrows, and those affected with Suzumebachi’s venom will die in 12 hours unless the antidote is given. Suzumebachi targets Nicole Aniston or Mia Lelani next but Brandy Aniston steps in and protects both Nicole and Mia in total disregard of her own life. Because of this, Suzumebachi is struck by the selflessness of Brandy and falls for her. Blinded by love, she now attacks anyone who she sees as an interference to her and Brandy being together, and poisons Asa, Taylor, and Nicole as well. In order to obtain the antidote, Brandy plans Operation Romeo and Juliet.


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