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The Final Ninja Battle
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x49, 9x50
Brad-9x49, 9x50
Air date June 27, 2016
Production Information
Written by Jackie Marchand
Directed by Lisa Martinez

Nothing to Lose


Day of the Dino Fusion

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The Final Ninja Battle is the two-part finale of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. This episode marks the 450th episode of the Bikini Rangers franchise.


The three generations of Kamikaze Akas have finally joined forces! The last battle against General Kibaoni has begun. The attack starts by a coordinated strike by the 6 Academic Dynasty Rangers, followed by a full blown strike from the three Kamikaze Akas! Finally, they all join forces for a third blow! However, General Kibaoni has gathered strength during his sealing and things won’t be as easy. Angela White decides to make a direct attack once more. However, General Kibaoni and his son, Monica Moon (Monica Moon Shingetsu), have also joined forces. Later, Monica Moon (Monica Moon Shingetsu) has activated the End Shuriken and intends to end this world and create a new one ruled by the Kibaoni Household. The Academic Dynasty Rangers face the Kibaoni Army to prevent this. Only the Kibaoni father and son remain! However, the ninjas have their power stolen and cannot transform. But, they won’t back down. They will increase their Nintality. The Academic Dynasty Rangers will fight General Kibaoni and Shingetsu for the last time! Who will win this fight?!


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