Icon-zeoThis article is about a/an episode in Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.
The Birth of the DarKnight Rider
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, Episode 8x25
SAM 0142
Air date March 16, 2015
Production Information
Written by Daniel Belgrave
Directed by Lisa Martinez

Number One at Karate


A Monster of Global Proportions

Episode Guide

The Birth of the DarKnight Rider is the twenty-fifth episode of Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask. The episode marks Jessica Jaymes' beginning as the reluctant villainess as the DarKnight Rider.


On the Hunted House, some researchers discover a dark object. As word of the discovery spreads, Necrolai recognizes the object as the DarKnight Morpher and unleashes to get it for her. Both Dana Vespoli and Tanya Tate also recognizes the object, and the Mystic Force Rangers try to recover the object before it falls into the wrong hands. Jessica Jaymes manages to take the controller, and hides it away. She to give up the Controller and become a DarKnight Rider.


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Character Cast

Minor Character Cast

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