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OtomoNin Surfermaru -200

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Season: Academic Dynasty
First Appearance:
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Length: 38.1 m
Width: 14.9 m
Height: 17.4 m
Weight: 550 tons
Speed: 200 knots
Power: 8,000,000

Surferzord is a surfer/submarine based mecha of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. Its default mode is a shark themed submarine and its Humanoid Mode is based off of a surfer.


The third auxiliary OtomoNippon to be created and summoned, Surferzord would made its appearance from a vortex on the ocean's surface. Like normal submarines, Surferzord uses its headlights in order to view underneath the ocean, capable of diving and attacking the opponents from beneath with explosive torpedoes. The giant OtomoNippon Shuriken: Surfer was placed on the back, which was used as the submarine's turbine.


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Humanoid Form

SSN-Surfermaru humanoid

Original Form: Surferzord
Length: 6.3 m
Width: 9.8 m
Height: 21.2 m
Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 480 knots
Power: 3,000,000
Once the "OtomoNippon Transformation" is announced, half of Surferzord transforms into a humanoid form while the other half transforms into a surfboard and the giant OtomoNippon Shuriken: Surfer is removed. The mecha is capable of manipulating tidal waves to increase its advantage in surfing on the ocean.

Shuriken Surferzord

Shurikenjin Surfer

Shuriken Surferzord
  • Shinobizord
  • Wanzord
  • Dragozord
  • Dumpzord
  • Byunzord
  • Paonzord
  • Surferzord
Season: Academic Dynasty
First Appearance:
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Length: 23.1 m
Width: 30.0 m
Height: 51.6 m
Weight: 2050 tons
Speed: 300 knots
Power: 30,500,000
Shuriken Surferzord is an alternate form of Shuriken formed when Surferzord takes over Shinobizord's place with the OtomoNin placed into the formation's right hand, while the giant OtomoNipon Shuriken: Surfer is placed on the head in place of the Shinobimaru one. This is performed when Kamikaze Aka spins her OtomoNipon Shuriken: Surfer in the Ninja Ichibantou and the "Shuriken Surfer Combination"

In this formation, Shuriken Gattaizord retains the Drago Sword as a side weapon while given a surf board that Surferzord rides. The mecha is capable of manipulating tidal waves to increase its advantage in surfing on the ocean. The surfboard is also capable of acting as a skateboard when battling on land.

Its finisher attack is Shuriken Gattaizord: Surfer Surfing Slash, where Shuriken Surferzord surfs into the enemy and slashing it with Drago Sword.


  • There are three logos on the surfboard, one of which appears to be Texas Bisonzord, the other two being a scuba diver and Shuriken Gattaizord respectively.
  • Surferzord is the first auxiliary mecha to be named by Wrangler Star.
    • Shuriken Surferzord is also the first auxiliary mecha combination that includes Wrangler Star.
  • While Surferzord rightfully belongs to Southwest Rangers, it only has one OtomoNippon Shuriken, which is in Asa Akira/Kamikaze Aka's hands, allowing the latter to summon it when needed.
  • This mecha share similarities to Ika Origami from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. and OctoZord from Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai. Both are white and purple aquatic mech that can combine with the core ranger mecha and the sixth ranger mecha.

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