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Storm Before the Calm
Bikini Rangers Venice Storm, Episode 5x47, 5x48
Air date June 22, 2012
Production Information
Written by Daniel Belgrave
Directed by Henry Chan

Down and Dirty


In The Beginning

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Storm Before the Calm is the two-part finale of Bikini Rangers Venice Storm. This marks the first and only appearance of XX20.


Medusa opens the Abyss of Evil, bringing back all of her past monsters and generals. The Rangers defeat them with the help of the freed students. After losing their powers, the Venice Storm Rangers defeat Medusa for good by using their own inner venice powers.


Part 1

To Be Added

Part 2

To Be Added

Character Cast

Minor Character Cast


  • The title for the finale is based off the phrase "A Calm Before the Storm", which was used as the title for the 40th episode of Bikini Rangers omg!.
  • The Zord used by Medusa in the second part of the episode, is actually her Sentai counterpart in her super giant form.
  • Part 2 marks the first time that Gina Lynn and Mariah Milano saw Acrdia Robo in his human form.

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