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Spiriting Away
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x07
Air date October 12, 2015
Production Information
Written by Rosa Becerra
Directed by Jonathan Brough

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Spiriting Away is the seventh episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. This episode marks the debut of Jennifer Dark.


The Nippon Rangers take a midterm exam to see how much they have progressed in their training. However, only Asa Akira needs to retake the exam.

Meanwhile, the Youkai #5 appears and the remaining four face it. However, RZA Gabi appears and the team is no match for him. Dissatisfied, he demands that they bring Asa, having Tengu keep Cassidy Banks hostage. In the meantime, Jennifer Dark appears before Yoshi Igasaki and offers to free both Asa and Cassidy in exchange for the "Shuriken of the End".


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