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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by Space Blitz Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Space Blitz page as well as the team page of the Space Blitz Rangers.


Blitz Power MorpherEdit

Main article: Blitz Power Morpher

Movie Power Morpher with Power Coins

Blitz Power Morpher

Blitz Power Morpher is the Space Blitz Rangers' transformation device.

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

Blitz Power CoinsEdit

Main article: Blitz Power Coins

PR 2017 Power Coins

Blitz Power Coins

The Blitz Power Coins are a set of supernatural crystals of various colors, which are the power sources of the Space Blitz Rangers and are used to morph.

Transmorpher CardsEdit

Main article: Transmorpher Cards


Transmorpher Cards

The Transmorpher Cards are cards the Space Blitz Rangers use to access a variety of powers.

Nitrozord CardsEdit

Main article: Nitrozord Cards


Nitrozord Cards

The Nitrozord Cards are cards the Space Blitz Rangers use to access a variety of powers.

Individual Weapons and Team WeaponEdit

Blitz Power SwordEdit


Blitz Power Sword

The Blitz Power Sword is the main weapon of the Space Blitz Rangers.

Blitz Weapon BlasterEdit

See also:Kyu The Weapon

Kyuza Weapon Parts

Blitz Weapon Blaster

The Blitz Weapon Blaster is the main weapon of the Space Blitz Rangers. Comprised of three components (handle, upper and lower blade), the Blitz Weapon Blaster is able to assume five different forms throught its different combinations. While each Space Blitz Rangers has their preferred form, they can use any of the combinations as the situation demands.

Blitz SwordEdit

See also: Kyu Sword


Blitz Sword

The Blitz Sword is Desdemona Red's main weapon, formed by attaching all three components together.

Its finisher is the Regulus Impact: This finisher has two variations: a powerful slash attack or a massive energy blade flung at the opponent.

Blitz ShotEdit

See also:Kyu Shot


Blitz Shot

The Blitz Shot is Karliee Pink's main weapon, formed using only the handle portion, which she can wield alongside the Blitz Shot for a double shoot attack.

It's finisher is the Altair Impact: A supercharged energy blast.

Blitz AxeEdit

See also: Kyu Axe


Blitz Axe

The Blitz Axe is Sensual Black's main weapon, formed by attaching the lower blade portion to the handle.

It's finisher is the Aldebaran Impact: Sensual Black flings a whirling energy blade from the Blitz Axe.

Blitz SlasherEdit

See also: Kyu Slasher


Blitz Slasher

The Blitz Slasher is Machete Yellow's main weapon, formed by attaching the upper blade portion directly to the handle.

Its finisher is the Dorado Impact: A quintet of energy blades that Machete Yellow hurls at the enemy.

Blitz ClawEdit

See also:Kyu Claw


Blitz Claw

The Blitz Claw is Gossip Blue's main weapon, formed by folding the lower blade portion and attaching it to the barrel portion of the handle.

Its finisher is the Lupulus Impact: A powerful slash attack.


Seiza BlasterEdit

See Also: Seiza Blaster

Seiza Blaster

Seiza Blaster

The Seiza Blaster is the gauntlet primary sidearm device for the main five Space Blitz Rangers.


Transformation Devices Edit

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

Sidearms Edit

  • Seiza Blaster
  • Dark Seiza Blaster

Individual Weapons and Team WeaponEdit

  • Blitz Power Sword
  • Blitz Weapon Blaster
    • Blitz Sword
    • Blitz Shot
    • Blitz Axe
    • Blitz Slasher
    • Blitz Claw
    • Blitz Rapier
  • La Exótica Weapon Blaster
    • La Exótica Sickle

See AlsoEdit

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