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Soul Specter
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, Episode 8x19
SAM 0127
Air date December 15, 2014
Production Information
Written by Rosa Beccera
Directed by Daniel Belgrave

The Thing In Your Heart


Ranger Down

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Soul Specter is the nineteenth episode of Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.


Taylor Wane created another monster name Holly Goul to destroy the city. The Mystic Force Rangers save the city on time?


Steve Jaggar and the crew invited a christmas party tonight, meanwhille at hunted house Necrolai tired to fixed Jessica Jaymes' chair but she was mad at her.

Later at the the mint, the crew decorate the party, then Jennifer Hale brought a adult magazine insted christmas decorations and everybody upset.

Back to hunted house, Taylor Wane created another monster to destroy the city. Soon in the park, the rangers contuine talk, then Holly Goul is coming and destory the rangers turned freeze. 2 min. later, Ava Addams and the rangers tried break the mint and break there free. Back at Dana's house. The Rangers talk to Dana and Tanya explain what's going on between Holly Goul and the city, Ava gaves the mint to Dana and take the look, then She said Mint made of freezeing! The Rangers argeed.

Back in the city, Holly Goul continued to destory the city and everybody turned in to a big freeze. The Mystic Force Rangers battle Holly Goul, then the rangers stuck in the snow, soon Shay Sinnsager break the free and destroy her and the city back to normal.

Back at the mint, every gather a party, Jennifer say sorry to the her crew, Soon Dana Vespoli talk to Jennifer and she join the christmas party.

Character Cast

Minor Character Cast

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