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Sinn Digimorpher
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force
Used by Shay Sinnsager
Production Order
LaFemme Morpher
DarKnight Morpher

- "Powerful Source, Mystic Force!"

The Sinn Digimorpher is the Shay Sinnsager's changing device.

She enters the digits "2580", which spell out "Mega", to morph.

This is the third morpher to be in the form of a cell phone, a design which would be seen many times amongst subsequent Ranger teams.

Morphing Sequence and other codes

The Sinn Digimorpher was the cell phone-based morpher used by the Shay Sinnsager. Like the other Rangers, Nina Mercedez shouts "Powerful Source, Mystic Force!", but she enters the digits ‘M(2)-E(5)-G(8)-A(0)-Enter’, to morph. The toy version, like the Mystic Morpher, contains other codes (3-digit, specifically), which follows as such:

  • 2-5-9: Allows the Shay Sinnsager to summon the Tiger Shay.
  • 1-4-8: Activates the Shay Sinnsager's scanner (computer icon).
  • 5-0-6: Alerts the Shay Sinnsager (sound icon).
  • 7-3-0: Plays the TV-sized version of the Bikini Rangers Mystic Force theme song.[Citation needed]


  • Sinn Digimorpher is the first cell-phone based transformation device in Bikini Rangers history.

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