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Shinobi Katana Ninja Ichibantou
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Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty
Used by Nippon Rangers
Production Order

Fire Dragon Morpher


Ninja StarBurger

-"Nippon Accelerate!"

-"Academic Dynasty Accelerate!"

Shinobi Katana Ninja Ichibantou is the transformation device and sidearm for the main five Nippon Rangers.


By inserting specific Nin Shurikens and pressing the transform button on the Ichibantou, the Nippon Rangers spin the Nin Shurikens similar to the Shinkengers, which then releases the five elements of the Nippon Rangers (Fire, Land, Water, Wood, and Earth) and allows them to transform into their respective forms.


When the blue finisher button marked with the kanji for "Technique"  is pressed, it makes the Ninja Ichibantou announce "The Waza!"  allows a Ninninger to perform a Shuriken Ninja Art Secret Technique all while the Ninja Ichibantou chants repeatedly "What is this?!", until the Nippon Ranger spins their Transformation Nin Shurikens, making said Shuriken announce their specific color. Just before the final blow is struck, the Ninja Ichibantou announces "Ninja Issen!".

Nin Shurikens

Nin Shurikens are big or small blades used to transform and give special weapons and powers of the rangers. There are several types of Shurikens; one for transforming, one for weapons, One for attacks, and the last one for summoning mecha, as well as changing the head of the mecha.


  • The Ichibantou has three modes and buttons for a certain purpose: Transform, Technique, and Summon Mecha.
  • The Nin Shuriken spinning in the sword has the same concept as the Shinkengers' Secret Disks revolving in their Shinkenmaru.
  • By pressing the blue button in the center, the Ichibantou can perform one of five different elemental attacks (Fire, Land, Water, Wood, and Earth).
  • Shinobi Katana Ninja Ichibantou is the first shared sidearm in a sentai to also be the team's transformation device.

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