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Scandal Scam!
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x14
Air date November 2, 2015
Production Information
Written by Tanisha Kate
Directed by Daniel Belgrave

Ninja Sports Fall Festival!


Sensual Jane is a Super Ninja?

Episode Guide

Scandal Scam! is the fourteenth episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty.


Tasha Reign’s attacks on Asa Akira have intensified. In the middle of their constant clashes, they don’t realize just how much stronger they are becoming. However, the constant mess that they leave makes Cassidy Banks furious.

Meanwhile, Asa receives a call from Cassidy pleading for help. She claims the Youkai Yamabiko (which happens to have been born from a pay phone) has stolen her transformation Nippon Shuriken and that all the others’ Nippon Shuriken are necessary to recover it. After having obtained them, Asa takes them to the assigned place. This was, of course, a scam… Now the Nippon Rangers cannot transform!


To Be Added

Character Cast

Minor Character Cast

Nin Shurikens


  • The Karakuri Hengens without announce their finisher announcements while there aren't any Nippon Shurikens attached to them.

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