Icon-dtThis article is about a/an morpher in Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder.
Rampage Morpher
Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder
Used by Skin DenDenGiraffe and Rampage BaitShark
Production Order
Predator Morpher
omg! Morphin Brace

-Rampage Power-up, Ha!

The Rampage Morpher is Skin DenDenGiraffe and Rampage BaitShark's morpher and power access device.


Rampage Morpher that have been refined such that they can only be used in specialized Memory used do not enter the body and channels power through the Driver. These kinds of Rampage Morpher were created by Sofia Vergara. This refinement makes them resemble USB drives, rather than the ribcage design on Rampage Morpher, but further weakens the power of the Memories, only allowing access to the Memory's full power during a Maximum Drive.

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