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Ptera Morpher
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion
Used by: Ptera Willams
Special System: Battery Fusion Chargers
Production Order

Dino Fusion Morpher


Titano Fusion Morpher

-"Dino Fusion Engage!"

- Dino Fusion Energize!

Ptera Morpher is Ptera Willams' morpher and main shooting weapon, fashioned after her partner, the Pterazord.


To transform, She flips open the mouth and shouts "Dino Fusion Engage!" or "Dino Fusion Energize!", inserts her Dino Charger inside the slot, closes the mouth, and pulls back the trigger, which makes the wing unfold and lets go of the trigger, triggering the morph.

Once morphed, the Ptera Morpher can fire bolts of energy by pulling the trigger behind the weapon for the Ptera Bolt. The sole wing that is also on the Ptera Morpher can be used as a improvised sword that can channel energy to create a beam sword to strike deeper into foes in the Ptera Strike technique. Ptera Willams can cancel her morph by ejecting/removing the Dino Charger from the morpher.

Other uses

  • By combining it with the Zandar Thunder, it will activate the Lightning Linkage (稲妻連動 Inazuma Rendō?) technique, paralyzing the target as so it cannot get away.


  • The Lightning Linkage technique is visually similar to the Rider Kick-ending Exceed Charges of the Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider 555, as it resembles a giant spiraling drill.

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