Icon-dtThis article is about a/an morpher in Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder.
Predator Morpher
Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder
Used by Cougar SpiderPuma and Lunar MetalWolf
Production Order
BlasterHardcore Morpher
Rampage Morpher

-"Predator Rangers, Wild Power!"

The Predator Morpher is Cougar SpiderPuma and Lunar MetalWolf's morpher and power access device.


Mysterious USB flash drives imbued with the powers of the Earth itself. Originally created by Nina Hartley and Phoenix Marie, these Gaia Memories end up in the possession of Ava Devine and Daisy Marie, and can only be used through the Bug Driver. Two can be inserted into the Bug Driver, allowing Ava Devine and Daisy Marie to transform into The Predator Rangers. Determine the type of attack or weaponry that uses.

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