Icon-ninningerThis article is about a/an theme song in Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty.
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
All-new-Bikini rangers academic-dyanasty
Academic Dynasty
Song Information
Song Type opening
Performed by: Transcenders feat. J7 D'Star.
Composed by: Transcenders
Year produced: 2007
Production Information
Yuusha ga Iku (Battle Fever J Robo)
Nan ja Mon ja! Ninja Matsuri! (''"What's That?! A Ninja Festival!"'')

This song is a/an opening theme (OP) for Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. It was performed by Transcenders feat. J7 D'Star.


Go Rangers Go Rangers, Go! Go! Go!
Go Rangers Go Rangers, Go! Go! Go!
Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive!
Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive!

Watch five fingers reaching for the sky in five ways,
Five heroes walking through the sun for five days,
Dark forces lurking, leaving evil where they roam
Five Rangers looking for the same five stones!

(Go! Go! Go!)

There's treasures to be found, there's some lives to be saved,
Our planet to look after, there's a whole lot of space!
Good vs Evil, we got heroes on the scene,
Power Rangers Overdrive is the number one team!

Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive!
Power Rangers, Operation Oh-verdrive!

Operation Overdrive Theme01:01

Operation Overdrive Theme

Operation Overdrive Opening

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