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Power Rangers Jungle Fury (song)
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Song Information
Song Type opening theme
Performed by: Gabriel Moses
Lyrics by: Jon Ehrlich
Composed by: Leigh Roberts
Year produced: 2008
Production Information
Nan ja Mon ja! Ninja Matsuri! (What's That?! A Ninja Festival!)
Minna Atsumare! Kyoryuger" ("Everyone Gather! Kyoryuger")

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (song) is an opening theme (OP) for Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion. It was performed by Gabriel Moses.


Power Rangers!
Here comes the Power Rangers Jungle Fury!
Training hard to be the best that we can!
Power Rangers!
Protecting people from the evil Dai Shi Clan!
Stand up for what we know is right!
We will never lose the fight!
Dai Shi
Go Away!
We're Here to Save The Day!
Cause we’re the Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Jungle Fury!)
We’re fast we’re strong unstoppable (Jungle Fury!)
Here comes the Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Jungle Fury Go!)
(Go!, Go!)
Power Rangers!
(Go!, Go!)
Jungle Fury!
(Go!, Go!)
Power Rangers!
(Go!, Go!)
Jungle Fury!(tiger roars)
Power Rangers Jungle Fury (theme song)00:59

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (theme song)

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