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Pilot Episode
Bikini Rangers: The Original Series, Episode 1x01, 1x02
Brtos-1x01-1x02 1779
Air date August 19, 2007,
August 26, 2007
Production Information
Written by Nicole Shurcz
Directed by Nicole Shurcz


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Pilot Episode is the two-part premiere episode of the first season of Bikini Rangers: The Original Series. It was initially broadcast on August 19th and August 26th, 2007 on the LineOne Network.


On an exploratory mission, two unwitting men discover an Large Door and breach the unit, inadvertently releasing the evil terror Osama bin Laden from al-Qaeda. Upon he release, she and her army of evil Space Aliens set their sights on conquering the nearest planet: Earth.


Part 1

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Part 2

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