Icon-ninningerThis article is about a/an morpher in Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty.
Ninja StarBurger
Star Burger Changer (Open & Closed)
Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty
Used by Wrangler Star
Production Order

Shinobi Katana Ninja Ichibantou


Samurai Changer

-"Wrangler Accelerate!"

-"Academic Dynasty Accelerate!"

The Ninja StarBurger is the transformation device for Wrangler Star.


By opening up the burger and inserting the activated Wrangler Star, followed by pressing the red-white button located on the side of the device.

The device can also function as a Youkai detector on its own, often with much more sensitivity to the presence of Youkai than the Ninpou Gama Gama Guns that the core Nippon Rangers possess. When it detects a Youkai, the device rings like a mobile phone alarm and the screen displays a page that reads "Youkai Detected!!" (妖怪出見!! Youkai Shutsuken!!?) in both English and Japanese, with a frog "app" popping out right in the middle. As a result of this in-built higher sensitivity, the StarrBurger can pick up Youkai signals and react to the user before the Nippon Rangers' Ninpou Gama Gama Guns can react to the same Youkai.


The Ninja StarBurger in bracelet form


The Ninja StarBurger is also used by Wrangler Star to simultaneously summon his two personal companions that form Texas Bisonzord: Rodeozord and Bison Buggyzord, by replacing the Starr Rangers Shuriken with the OtomoNippon Shuriken: Bison, and with the color of the Shuriken resembling the "beef patty", making the device look like a Hamburger in the process. Pressing the same button with the OtomoNippon Shuriken in the Ninja StarBurger will allow it to announce.


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