Icon-kakurangerThis article is about a/an Zords in Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask.

Zords: Light-Lantern
Season: Ninja Mask
Frist Apperance:
Last Full Apperance:
Number of Episode Appearances:
Length: 26.9 m
Width: 41.5 m
Height: 42.6 m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 500

Light-LanternMan is a attack zord owned by Ninja Mask Rangers. with the blade pressing the back, the Light-LanternMan launches rapid-fire.


150px-Dai Goyou Weapon

Light-Lantern is a miniature attack zord owned by Ninja Mask Rangers. They is normally in the form of the Power Disc-shooting lantern. When the Light-LanternMan is in use the Ninja Mask Rangers wields a blade which he uses as a weapon. When the Light-LanternMan's own Mega Mode is activated via the Transformation Cellphone Shodo Phone and Transformation Cellphone Shodo Phone II, it transforms into the Light-LanternMan.

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