Icon-spaceblitzThis article is about a/an morpher in Bikini Rangers Space Blitz.
La Exótica Phone Morpher
Bikini Rangers Space Blitz
Used by: Yazmin La Exótica
Special System: La Exótica Power Coins
Production Order

Blitz Power Morpher


-"La Exótica Henshin"

La Exótica Phone Morpher is the Yazmin La Exotica's transformation device.


The sound activates when Transmorpher Cards are inserted into a device when open, then the card's ability when closed. 3-1-5 ENTER: After entering the code the La Exótica Phone Morpher will say “STANDING BY”. When the La Exótica Phone Morpher is inserted, it will say “COMPLETE”. The device will work if they shout "La Exótica Henshin" before changing into Yazmin La Exotica instead of "Transform".


  • 1-0-3 ENTER: When the La Exótica Phone Morpher is turned into Phone Blaster and this code is entered, it will say “SINGLE MODE”. The Blaster can fire a continuous beam of Photon Energy for about 3 seconds. It has 12 shots until it must be recharged.
  • 1-0-6 ENTER: When the La Exótica Phone Morpher is turned into Phone Blaster and this code is entered, it will say “BURST MODE”. The Blaster can fire 3 round bursts of Photon Energy. It has 4 bursts until it must be recharged.
  • 2-7-9 ENTER: If the Phone Blaster is empty and this code is entered, it will say “CHARGE” and will proceed to recharge the weapon. This takes about 5 seconds.

End Call: Pressing the "End Call" button will switch off the La Exótica Phone Morpher.

La Exótica Transmorpher Cards

Main article: La Exótica Transmorpher Cards

Gosei Knight

Transmorpher Cards

The La Exótica Transmorpher Cards are cards the Yazmin La Exótica's use to access a variety of powers.

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