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La Exótica Nitrozord Phone & Cards

The La Exótica Nitrozord Phone & Cards is Yazmin La Exótica's collectible device. This transformation device has a keypad so Yazmin La Exótica can perform various abilities by pressing a 3-digit number combination, then press the red "Enter" button, call out "Activate!" and close up the La Exótica Nitrozord Phone & Cards. The La Exótica Nitrozord Phone & Cards is voiced by Tommy Cook, who voices the Space Blitz team's Lion Mecazord and the Space Blitz team's morpher. Here are the cards that can be inserted and the 3-digit number code in order to activate.

Nitrozord Card Types

Battle Gear

Unlike the Space Blitz Rangers, Yazmin La Exótica uses the numbers on her Robo Morpher to activate the La Exótica Nitrozord Phone & Cards.


  • Code 919 "Ready" initiates Grand Voyager Mechazord's Victory Charge.
  • Code 525 "Summon Megazord" Initiates the combination of Voyager Nitrozord and Grand Mechazord into Grand Voyager Mechazord.

Power Cards

  • Code 303 activates the Lightning Strike "Comprethunder" card that summons a storm cloud that launches lightning bolts.
  • Code 606 activates the Vine Bender "Roplant" card that produces an ivy from the ground that ensnares a target.
  • Freezestorm "Freezedrive" card that blasts out a cone of frost with a whirlwind that freezedries anything in its path, Istop card that freezes everything in its path, and Seashower "Presshower" card that summons several jets of water from the ground.
  • Code 505 activates the Trifusion "Trianglobal" card that merges the power of the sky, the earth, and the sea to be used offensively or defensively. It's effects can be duplicated through the simultaneous use of the Twistornado, Megaquake, and Seashower cards.


  • The in-show prop cards are direct copies of the Gosei Cards from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Thus they retain the squigly character font set (non-Japanese) and the Japanese names (Gosei Red, Gosei Blue etc). They are also the likely reason for the retention of some of the Japanese names, as they appear on cards. The only names seen on cards so far but unused in dialogue or naming are "Skick", "Landick", "Seaick", "Hyper" and "Miracle".

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