Icon-zeoThis article is about a/an Morpher in Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.
LaFemme Morpher
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force
Used by Wifey Femmeranger
Production Order
Mystic Morpher
Sinn Digimorpher

- "Powerful Source, Mystic Force!"

LaFemme Morpher is the Wifey Femmeranger's changing device.


One piece is worn on each wrist. The right-armed piece has a Storage Crystal, the source of Wifey Femmeranger's energy, attached to it. The left piece also can work as a communication device to contact Dana Vespoli's home base, and to contact the other Mystic Force Rangers. By using the henshin call "Super-Powered Transformation!" and connecting their braces, the user transforms into an Wifey Femmeranger.

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