Icon-prjf This article is about a/an morpher in Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury.
Jungle Morpher
Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury
Used by Jungle Fury Rangers
Production Order
Kamen Morpher
Wolf Morpher

- "Jungle Beasts, Spirits Unleashed!"

The Jungle Morpher is Jungle Fury Rangers' To transform, they call their name (the team name if the whole team; individual names for individual members).


The braces are individualized by number (similar to the number of "lines" requires to make the shapes of their color) as well as an LED light that glows in the color.

The braces themselves do not contain either the Jungle Fury Rangers Suit or the powers of Jungle Fury Rangers; they are merely communication devices and relays for retrieving the Jungle Fury Rangers. The brace can be destroyed but it will not lead to a loss of power, merely inconvenience the user and prevent them from using any of their powers of Jungle Fury Rangers until they receive another brace called DinomodeMorpher.

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