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Igasaki Clan is a adult-flim actress kin group consisting of ninjas since the Sengoku period. They developed and harbored the Nippon Rangers' powers.



Back in 1571, an evil feudal warlord named General Kibaoni tried to unite Japan under fear. The ninjas of the Igasaki Clan fought him and emerged victorious but before his death, Kibaoni vowed to return in 444 years to resume his campaign. As a result, Kibaoni sacrificed his humanity to be revived as an oni centuries later before he was sealed away by Yoshi Igasaki using 48 Sealing Shuriken.

However, Yoshi choose to seal Kibaoni instead of eliminating him with the End Shuriken under mysterious circumstances. Yet, his fight with Kibaoni was far from the intended year for Kibaoni to rise in power.


In 2015, after 444 years of Kibaoni's death, Monica Moon, a former pupil of Yoshi that betrayed him released Kibaoni from his seal and the Sealing Shurikens that entrapped him were used to create more of his Youkai battalion. Having expected this, Yoshitaka choose five of his grandchildren and hired them as the Nippon Rangers, in hopes of stopping Kibaoni and his minions.



The Igasaki clan is a reference to an intermediate-ranking Iga ninja of the Sengoku Period, Tateoka Doshun, whom also known by the name Igasaki Doshun.

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