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Red-alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised!
Here Comes Spring!
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion, Episode 10x44
Air date June 12, 2017
Production Information
Written by Lisa Martinez
Directed by Eva Longoria Baston

Ninja Dynasty


Silver of Danger!

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Here Comes Spring! is the forty-fourth episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion.


The Rangers are surprised when they find mysterious Secret Spring that put them under the spell of Eva Karera and Syndicate, an evil monster who plans to send everyone a cursed lump of coal on Spring so he can control earth.


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Battery Fusion Chargers


  • Chronologically, the first and last morphs of the Dino Charge Rangers involve both Tyler and Shelby.
  • As of this episode the Dino Laugh, Dino Squash, Dino Gravity, Dino Helio and Dino Clone Chargers are never used outside of Titano Zord footage.

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