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Formidable RZA Gabi
Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty, Episode 9x04
Air date September 21, 2015
Production Information
Written by John Tellegen
Directed by Mark Beesley

Heart of Blue


At All Cost

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Formidable RZA Gabi is the fourth episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. It features the full debut of RZA Gabi.


Nicole Aniston is obsessed with licenses and permits. Her ninja training is no exception. Yokai Kasha appears and Nicole, wanting to be on the same level as Asa and Brandy, faces it alone with a plan carefully based on the principles and strategies of her test.

Meanwhile, Monica Moon and Angela White, page of the Kibaoni Army, appears before Asa and RZA Gabi, spearhead of the Kibaoni Army, appears before Brandy, Cassidy and Mia. The power of RZA is something they have not faced before!


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