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Forged in Blitz
Bikini Rangers Space Blitz, Episode 11x02
Air date October 10, 2017
Production Information
Written by Ximena Becerra
Directed by Peter Burger

Emmanuelle from Space


Live and Learn

Episode Guide

Forged in Blitz is the second episode of Bikini Rangers Space Blitz. It is the debut of Jamie Chung and Olivia Munn respectively. It also marks the debut of the Blitz Power Morpher and Transmorpher Cards.


As Melissa Gorga, Victoria Justice and Draya Michele return to Emmanuelle Chriqui's rocket in an attempt to find 2 new rangers.


The episode continues from the previous episode, Melissa Gorga, Victoria Justice, and Draya Michele run all over Emmanuelle Chriqui's Spaceship, seeing RoboBeauty iQ nowhere in sight. The team of three continue to look for the 2 new rangers.

Meanwhile across town, Jamie Chung and Olivia Munn narrowly miss some of the garbage that Melissa Gorga, Victoria Justice, and Draya Michele used to visit. Unfortunately, at this time, several Koogies show up, looking to claim Melissa. After Jamie and Olivia fend them off.

Character Cast

Minor Character Cast


  • The featured clips during Forged in Blitz are from the following segments:

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