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Fools or Trial
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion, Episode 10x39
Brad-10x39 (5-9-2017 8-05 AM)
Air date May 8, 2017
Production Information
Written by Daniel Belgrave
Directed by Nicole Schurz

The Zombie Holiday


The Dark Fusion Energem

Episode Guide

Fools or Trial is the thirty-ninth episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion.


The Rangers are summoned to the Intergalactic Court by Scumlaw for their crimes against the monsters they have destroyed.


To Be Added

Character Cast

Guest Character Cast

Battery Fusion Chargers

  • Core Dino Fusion Rangers - Dino Victory
    • Tyranno Gunn – T-Rex (Battle Mode), T-Rex + T-Rex (Dino Morpher Blast)
    • Para Isabella – Para (Battle Mode), Para + Para (Dino Morpher Blast)
    • Stego Steele – Stego (Battle Mode), Stego + Stego (Dino Morpher Blast)
    • Raptor Diesel – Raptor (Battle Mode), Raptor + Raptor (Dino Morpher Blast)
    • Tricera Jesse – Tricera + Tricera (Dino Morpher Blast)
  • Extra Dino Fusion Rangers – Dino X
  • Plesio Marcus – Plesio + Plesio (Dino Morpher Blast)
  • Titano Yahshua  –N/A


To Be Added

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