Icon-kyoryugerThis article is about a/an two-part episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion.
Evil Roar of the Tyranno Gunn
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion, Episode 10x27, 10x28
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Air date February 6, 2017
Production Information
Written by Jerry Rosa
Directed by Daniel Belgrave

A Date with Danger


Samba Jasmine Jae!

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Evil Roar of the Tyranno Gunn is the two-part episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion. The episode debuts Tyranno Gunn's new T-Rex Super Charge Mode.


Jasmine Jae tries to master the new T-Rex Super Charge Mode, but after Singe plants a virus in Nina Elle’s computer, theT-Rex Morph Blaster malfunctions and makes Jasmine Jae go wild! Luckily, Nina Elle and the Rangers is able to step in before it is too late.


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Character Cast

Minor Character Cast

Battery Fusion Chargers


  • The area in which Jasmine Jae fights Ninja while using his T-Rex Super Charge Mode changes. It starts off deep in the woods but they end up fighting outside of the woods. (This is because it switches from original footage to sentai footage.)


  • This episode marks the first appearance of a Battlizer. Battlizers are known to be American exclusive, but the T-Rex Super Charge Mode is based off Kyoryu Red's Carnival Mode. This is the first time in all of Bikini Rangers history to feature a Red Ranger with a Battlizer that was already present in its Sentai counterpart.

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