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Enter Serena Red, Legendary Gossip Ninja Mask!
Bikini Rangers Academic Dyansty, Episode 9x33
Air date March 28, 2015
Production Information
Written by David S. Rosenthal & Carolina Rivera
Directed by Joanna Kerns

Kung-Fu Quest


The Kunoichi That Loved Brandy Aniston

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Enter Serena Red, Legendary Gossip Ninja Mask! is the thirty-third episode of Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty. This episode features a guest appearance by former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively reprising her role as herself/Serena Red, the eponymous protagonist of the ninja-themed Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask. It marks the debut of TridoronKamikaze Aka.


The Nippon Rangers are fighting a group of Hyakkarage when a warrior named Serena Red appears. Serena Red is a legendary Ninja, 35th head of the Hayeland School in Chinatown, Manhattan and central figure of the World Ninja War that occurred 6 years ago. She confused the Nippon Rangers with evil Izayoi school ninjas and confronted them. Meanwhile, at the dojo, the Committee for the Protection of the Good Name of Ninjas was paying a visit. They intend to improve the image of ninjas through a very strict set of rules. However, it is revealed that transforming into a Nippon Rangers actually goes against these terms. When the Advanced Yokai Konaki-jiji appears, the Adult-Flim ninjas intend to fight but the committee is on their heels.


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