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ZSK-Mad Torin

Doomsday Bird
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General/Impostor
Season: Dino Fusion
First Apperance: Path of the Titanozord
Last Full Apperance: Save the Last Chance
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion)

Doomsday Bird is an evil, dark-powered, bird-like monster, and the former evil counterpart and the other half of Bird-Man, who serves as one of the two generals of The Priest, alongside Singe. Once Dinosaur-Man takes over as main villain, Doomsday Bird and Singe fill the command roles previously occupied by Wrench-Man and Dodge Lion.

Character History

Doomsday Bird's creation

Long ago, Arcanon destroyed the whole planet of Sentai 6 only to retrieve the Dark Energem. After finding the Silver Fusion Energem, Bird-Man found and confronted him. During the battle, the Silver fusion energem bonded to him. Bird-Man could not defeat The Priest, and got captured by him instead. Arcanon knew that Bird-Man would never agree to become loyal to him, so with just one touch of the Dark Fusion Energem, he created the dark side and evil counterpart of Bird-Man, i.e., Doomsday Bird.


Doomsday Bird is a proud and confident villain. He is also sure of his strength, not without cause, as he proves to be one of the toughest opponents to the Dino Fusion Rangers, much like Singe did before him.

Because he was Bird-Man's evil half, he has a huge contempt for Bird-Man due to knowing full well that he would later be his undoing. The only reason he valued Bird-Man was that he needed him to be unable to morph into a ranger by re-fusing with him.


Doomsday Bird is strong enough to overwhelm all of the Rangers, even if they are fighting together and at full power. He is also shown to be stronger than Bird-Man. While powerful enough to be one of the mightiest generals, in the same league as Dodge Lion and Singe, and stronger than Wrench-Man, Miss Kandi and Lucky-Boo, Doomsday Bird is not at the same level of power as Sledge, The Priest, Snide and Eva Karera.


  • He was confirmed to exist in a preview for Dino Super Charge and named here.

Doomsday Bird's fusion with Bird-Man is a very similar scenario to one of Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask's villains being Lord Manga of Kaiser and his connection with the Olivia Black, Lady Gaga. Coincidentally, both Lord Manga of Kaiser and Doomday Bird would had taken possesions of the respective Silver Rangers in their seasons. He and Snide are the dark, evil sides of Bird-Man and Eva Karera, respectively, who were created by the Dark Fusion Energem.

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