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Deboss-Knight of Anger

Dodge Lion
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Dino Fusion
First Apperance: Day of the Dino Fusion, Part 1
Last Full Apperance: Path of the Righteous
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion)

Dodge Lion is one of the Fetish Army Team Leaders who enjoys giving physical pain to others.

Character History

Before seeking the Fusion Energems, Sledgehammer won Dodge Lion in a card game, but saw little value in the fighter, and decided to lock him away, making him one of his inmates, and initially marking him as one of his outlaws. At some point in time, Sledgehammer freed Dodge Lion from captivity and made him his second-in-command, which he obliged. He went to perform the most varied tasks under Sledgehammer, from being responsible in keeping order and security within the ship, second only to Sledgehammer himself, to navigating it through space, overall serving as Sledgehammer's foremost lieutenant.


Dodge Lion exceeds Wrench-Man, Miss Kandi and Lucky-Boo in might, and rivals both Doomwing and Singe in strength, but his power is less than that of The Priest, Eva Karera, Syndicate and Sledgehammer.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship Mastery: Dodge Lion is a master of swordsmanship, even bearing his signature move known only as "Dodge Lion's Roar."
  • Hyperosmia: It is possible that due to his feline physiology, he has an enhanced sense of smell, able to sense anything even the Energems.
  • Dermal Armor/Exoskeleton: Dodge Lion's body is fully covered with exoskeleton, leaving him immune to average attacks.
  • Claws: Dodge Lion's hands are physiologically armed with lightning-shaped claws that enables him to use them as alternative weapons, in the form of talons or knuckles.
  • Apprehension: Fury can imprison anyone he chooses within his body, at a cavity located within his chest, enabling him to use his captive as an additional energy source. However, this technique has the disadvantage of making him vulnerable if the target is strong enough to either fight his control temporarily or break free altogether.


Seven Branched Sword: Dodge Lion's main weapon is a seven branched sword that capable of unleashing lightning-themed attacks.


  • Height: 204 cm (51.0 m: giant)
  • Weight: 183 kg (457.5 t: giant)

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