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Dance the Night Away
Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion, Episode 10x06
Air date September 26, 2016
Production Information
Written by Lisa Martinez
Directed by Deanne Nicole

The Tooth Hurts


Good Karma, Bad Karma

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Dance the Night Away is the sixth episode of Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion. It shows the debut of the Ankylozord, making way for the Zyuden Pride Nitrozord's fourth configuration, Ankylo Pride Nitrozord.


When Sledgehammer's monster stings the Ankylozord, Cherie DeVille must use her advanced dino knowledge to tame the wild beast.


To Be Added

Character Cast

Minor Character Cast

Battery Fusion Chargers


  • The Ankylo Charger is the first Charger to appear before its corresponding Fusion Energems.
  • The episode name is a pun off the idiom, "let sleeping dogs lie".
  • This episode marks the first time the Aqua Ranger is mentioned.

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