Icon-spaceblitzThis article is about a/an Villain in Bikini Rangers Space Blitz.

Gender: Male
Villain Type: Right-hand/Second-in-command/Enforcer
Season: Space Blitz
Hometown: Red Planet
First Apperance: Emmanuelle from Space
Last Full Apperance:
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Space Blitz)

Creepboxx is one of the seven chief enemies of the Bikini Rangers Space Blitz and a main antagonist of Space Blitz during its first arc. He is the mantis-like powerhouse of Fetish Warstar and stands out as Kyle Richards and Malkor Kaiser's main elite among the Insectoids, ranking as their second-in-command. Among the Insectoids, he holds up his title as "The Mightiest of All Insectoids", although his superior, Malkor Kaiser, surpasses him in power.


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Skills and Abilities

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