Brs-logo This article is about a/an set of teams in the Bikini Rangers franchise.

The following is a list of Bikini Rangers, Sentai Rangers or Sentai Warriors that have appeared in the Bikini Rangers franchise, grouped by team. On the lower part of the page is a list of all articles relating to Bikini Rangers. Red and Blue are the only two colors to appear in every season so far.

Bikini Rangers: The Original Series (2007-08)

Main article: The Original Rangers

Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury (2008-09)

Main article: Jungle Fury Rangers

Phantom Rangers

Main article: Phantom Rangers

Warrior Rangers

Main article: Warrior Rangers

Flipmode Rangers

Main article: Flipmode Rangers

Bikini Rangers RPM (2009-10)

Main article: RPM Rangers

Mach Rangers

Main article: Mach Rangers

GT Rangers

Main article: GT Rangers

Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask (2010-11)

Main article: Ninja Mask Rangers

Five Deadly Women Rangers

Main article: Five Deadly Women Rangers

Bikini Rangers Venice Storm (2011-12)

Main article: Venice Storm Rangers

Megatorn Rangers

Main article: Megatorn Rangers

Special Venice Rangers

Main article: Special Venice Rangers


Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder (2012-13)

Main article: Wild Thunder Rangers

Rampage Rangers

Main article: Rampage Rangers

Bikini Rangers omg! (2013-14)

Main article: omg! Rangers

Spiritomg! Rangers

Main article: Spiritomg! Rangers

Bikini Rangers Mystic Force (2014-15)

Main article: Mystic Force Rangers

DarKnight Rider

Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty (2015-16)

Main article: Academic Dynasty Rangers, and Nippon Rangers

Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion (2016-17)

Main article: Dino Fusion Rangers

Bikini Rangers Space Blitz (2017-)

Main article: Space Blitz Rangers

Color List

Series Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Black
The Original Series Mob-KawsRed ShanganBlue LakersYellow MaliqueGreen ValentinePink DragonBlack
Jungle Fury Red Tiger & Crimson Insects Blue Panther, Aqua SkyBlue Shark & Navy Beetle Yellow Cheetah, Peach Camel & Super Mouse (Super Raton) Ranger LimeGreen Elphant, JungleGreen Turtle & Green Chameleon Pink Bunny & Liberty Eagle Black Cat & Black Spider
RPM Racer Red Turbo Blue, Spear Aqua-SkyBlue Zoom GT Speed Yellow & Lion Blaster Knight Torque Green & Camo LimeGreen Rev Pink & Bustylove Knight Diesel Black
Ninja Mask Serena Red Blair Blue Georgina Yellow Penelope Green Jenny Pink Olivia Black
Venice Storm Red Mars, The X Ranger & Special VeniceOne Blue Mercury, Denim Neptune, Flash Ranger & Special VeniceThree Yellow Venus Green Jupiter Special VeniceFive Black Saturn
Wild Thunder Red HeatLion Blue TriggerJaguar & Rampage BaitShark Yellow LunaEagle Green CycloneCroc Black JokerBison
omg! Amber Red 1 Blondie Blue 3 & Blue Jones S Rocket Yellow 4 Sweetpea Green 2 Babydoll Pink 5 Madame Vera X
Mystic Force Vespoli Redranger Electra Blueranger Devine Yellowranger Montana Greenranger Reign Pinkranger DarKnight Rider
Academic Dynasty Kamikaze Aka Harakiri Ao Tempura Ki Sukiyaki Chō Geisha Momo Aikoku Kuro
Dino Fusion Tyranno Gunn Stego Steele, Ankylo Ferrara & Spino Holmes Raptor Diesel Tricera Jesse Para Isabella
Space Blitz Desdemona Red Gossip Blue Machete Yellow Karliee Pink Sensual Black

Series White Silver Gold Unclassified Gray Purple Orange
The Original Series DragonWhite MercurySilver
Jungle Fury White Spider Silver Bat Pinocchio Ranger Captain Zebra Grey Rhino Purple-Violet Wolf & Clown Ranger Orange SuperLizard & Cyber-Taz
RPM White Siren Axe Silver Warth Gold Oynx Purple-Violet Sting Orange & Inscior Brown
Ninja Mask Vanessa White Bree Silver Gabriela Gold Amalia Fire Fly, Blonde Bee, Taylor Lady Bug, Courtney Praying Mantis & Ursula Black Window Spider
Venice Storm Fetish Earth & Ice Ranger Special VeniceFour XX20 Violet Uranus & Woulf Ranger Special VeniceTwo
Wild Thunder Lunar MetalWolf Cougar SpiderPuma Hardcore FangTiger Skin DenDenGiraffe
omg! Super Priest G Ms. Scarlett Lust High Roller B Super Dior Q
Mystic Force Wifey Femmeranger Knight Warrior
Academic Dynasty Wrangler Star
Dino Fusion Titano Yahshua Ptera Williams Pachy Deen Plesio Marcus
Space Blitz Yazmin La Exótica

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