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Wild Thunder
Number 6
Number of episodes: 55
First episode: In The Beginning, Part I
Last episode: Thunder Struck, Part II
Elements from: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and
Power Rangers Wild Force
Original airing: September 10, 2012 - June 24, 2013
Producer: Bikini Rangers Productions,LLC.
FremantleMedia North America
Production Order
Venice Storm

Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder (often abbreviated as BRWT) is the sixth Bikini Rangers parody season of television drama. It aired in September 10, 2012 - June 24, 2013. This was the last installment of the Bikini Rangers Series to be produced in the Post-Azoong/Indigo series. It is the first wild animal themed series, but will contain some elements from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and Power Rangers Wild Force.


Wild Thunder takes place in the fictitious city of Mariner Bay, New Zealand, which was built on an ancient demon burial ground. When the demons threaten to rise again, a government organization called Wild Thunder, headed by one Master Yogi recruits five adult flim stars to defend the city. Each of the five five adult flim stars chosen had a special area of expertise: Chanel Preston, the Red HeatLion; Bridgette B., the Blue TriggerJaguar; Sandra Romain, the Yellow LunaEagle; Nyomi Banxxx, the Green CycloneCroc; and Raylene, the Black JokerBison. The five Bikini Rangers were aided by a team of scientists and engineers led by Sofia Vergara, and operated out of the Wild Thunder Aquabase, an underwater military compound that also served to deter the hydrophobic demons from attacking the base directly.

The five Rangers would be joined by Francesca Le. herself joins the team as the Hardcore FangTiger, and they are also later joined by Ava Devine & Daisy Marie. Together, the Eight Rangers would prevail against the demon forces time after time, culminating in a final showdown where, in the Bikini Rangers tradition, much of the weapons and other equipment that was used by the Bikini Rangers over the series was destroyed.

Wild thunder rangers

The 9 Wild Thunder Rangers

Celebrity Actress Characters

Wild Thunder Rangers

Main article: Wild Thunder Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Red HeatLion Chanel Preston
Blue TriggerJaguar Bridgette B.
Yellow LunaEagle Sandra Romain
Green CycloneCroc Nyomi Banxxx
Black JokerBison Raylene

Hardcore FangTiger Francesca LeHardcore FangTiger

Predator Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Cougar SpiderPuma Ava Devine
Lunar MetalWolf Daisy Marie

Rampage Rangers

Main article: Rampage Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Skin DenDenGiraffe Skin Diamond
Rampage BaitShark Eva Angelina

Other Celebrity Actor & Actress Characters/Allies

Guest Allies



Main article: Arsenal Wild Thunder Rangers

Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon




Main article: Zords Wild Thunder Rangers

Wildnitro System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ➲ carrier zord


Main article: Episodes (Wild Thunder)

The sixth season consisted that aired between September 10, 2012-June 24, 2013

Series Episodes Title Original air date Production Code
254 1 In The Beginning, Part I 9/10/12 601
255 2 In The Beginning, Part II 9/10/12 602
256 3 The Shooting Star 9/17/12 603
257 4 Target Rangers 9/17/12 604
258 5 For Cryin' Out Loud 9/24/12 605
259 6 Shell Game 9/24/12 606
260 7 A Sticky Situation 10/1/12 607
261 8 Wave Goodbye 10/1/12 608
262 9 Cody is Missing..... 10/8/12 609
263 10 Matter of Trust 10/8/12 610
264 11 The Power of Fang, Part I 10/15/12 611
265 12 The Power of Fang, Part II 10/15/12 612
266 13 Game On! 10/22/12 613
267 14 Jealousy's Just Reward 10/22/12 614
268 15 Diva in Distress 11/12/12 615
269 16 The Candidate 11/12/12 616
270 17 Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers 11/19/12^ 617
271 18 Monster Bash 11/19/12^ 618
272 19 Congo Robo 11/26/12 619
273 20 Beneath The Surface 11/26/12 620
274 21 Ocean Alert 12/10/12 621
275 22 Dark Days Night, Part I 12/10/12 622
276 23 Dark Days Night, Part II 12/17/12 623
277 24 Dark Days Night, Part III 12/17/12 624
278 25 Truth and Consequences 1/28/13 625
279 26 Protect the Machine! 1/28/13 626
280 27 Leader of the Whack (I) 2/4/13 627
281 28 Burning at Both Ends (II) 2/4/13 628
282 29 The Missing Bone 2/11/13 629
283 30 Stuck on Love 2/11/13 630
284 31 Bully for Nyomi Banxxx 2/18/13 631
285 32 Lost & Found in Translation 2/18/13 632
286 33 It's a Mad Mad Mackerel 2/25/13 633
287 34 Copy That 2/25/13 634
288 35 Triassic Triumph 3/4/13 635
289 36 A Star Is Torn 3/4/13 636
290 37 Shamrock Ruins 3/11/13 637
291 38 A Ranger Exclusive 3/18/13 638
292 39 A Small Problem 3/22/13 639
293 40 Tutenhawken's Curse 4/1/13 640
294 41 Disappearing Act (I) 4/8/13 641
295 42 Fighting Spirit (II) 4/8/13 642
296 43 The Passion of Chanel Preston 4/15/13 643
297 44 Another Song And Dance 4/22/13 644
298 45 Hawaii Isn't It Lava-O 4/29/13 645
299 46 Strange Relations 5/6/13 646
300 47 Thunder Storm Part I 5/13/13 647
301 48 Thunder Storm Part II 5/13/13 648
302 49 In Your Dreams 5/20/13 649
303 50 Drawn Into Danger 5/27/13 650
304 51 House of Cards 6/3/13 651
305 52 Stroke of Fate 6/10/13 652
306 53 A Test of Trust 6/17/13 653
307 54 Thunder Struck Part I 6/24/13 654
308 55 Thunder Struck Part II 6/24/13 655

^This episode was originally scheduled to air on Oct. 31, 2012, but LineOne postponed the airing of this and several other television programs to air news coverage on the Hurricane Sandy.


Opening theme

Ending theme


  • It is the second and final season in Production is set in New Zealand/Australia but will have a mixed American/Canadian/New Zealander/Australian.
  • This is the third series to LGBT-related television programs (first one Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask and Bikini Rangers Venice Storm).
  • This is the third season to use Strap-on dildo as weapons (first one Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask and Bikini Rangers Venice Storm).
  • This is the first team to be assembled from two (2) different factions of rangers,rather than one group from the same power source.
  • It is the first season to have exactly two (2) morphing calls, no more less.
  • This is the second series to actually have the rangers attend high school (first one Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask).
  • This is the first series to have a White Ranger as a protagonist.
  • It should be noted that in the BRWT opening of the "Thunderstorm" team-up episodes, the ending shot of the Wild Thunder Rangers performing their signature pose is replaced with the team-up of both Venice Storm and Wild Thunder rangers posing (with multi-coloured explosion in the background). BRWT is so far the only ranger series to have this.
    • Its team up episodes were the first to have rangers pair up instead of color, previous seasons had red/red, blue/blue, yellow/yellow, black/black or green/green, etc. The pairs in this season's team up were red/red, blue/blue, yellow/yellow, black/black, green/green, white/purple & blue, and gold & silver/white.
  • This is the second season to the longest series in the franchise to date, and ends with 55 episodes total of 308 episodes and series each season (first one Bikini Rangers: The Original Series).
  • This is the first season team will start out with five rangers. Because each post-anniversary team has ended with only Seven members no more than 8th Ranger.
  • This is the second season Bikini Rangers series not to feature a Pink Ranger (first one Bikini Rangers Venice Storm).
  • This is the first Season with 2 6th Rangers.
  • Episode 47, "Thunder Storm Part I", marks the 300th Episode milestone for the Bikini Rangers franchise.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Bikini Rangers Series, which would be following year as Bikini Rangers omg!

DVD Releases

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The Original Series  • Jungle Fury  • RPM  • Ninja Mask  • Venice Storm  • Wild Thunder  • omg!  • Mystic Force  • Academic Dynasty  • Dino Fusion  • Space Blitz

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