Brs-logo This article is about a/an series entry (the 3rd) in the Bikini Rangers franchise.
Number 3
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: The Road to Corinth
Last episode: Danger and Destiny Part 2
Adapted from: Engine Sentai Go-onger and
Power Rangers RPM
Original airing: September 7, 2009 -

June 1, 2010

Producer: Sony
Production Order
Jungle Fury
Ninja Mask

Bikini Rangers RPM is the third Bikini Rangers parody series. Its theme is a racing/animal motif, with 5 rangers (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black). It aired in September 7, 2009 - June 1, 2010. This was the second installment of the Bikini Rangers Series to be produced in the Azoong Series. It is Based on Gear and Mecha From Toei's Engine Sentai Go-onger and Disney's Power Rangers RPM. It does not follow the pilot of the previous two series, The Original Series and Jungle Fury. Instead, the story is set in a version of the real world where Venjix are creatures in a computer monsters and a collectible card game as weapons.


Summary: Dr. K.: "Listen carefully, okay? We don't have a lot of time. It started three years ago. The World Internet Federation reported the appearance of an aggressive new computer worm -- The Venjix Virus. A year later, it was estimated that Venjix had already infected 37% of the world's computer systems. By then, it was too late. Venjix took control of the world's communications, power, and defense systems. It built armies of advanced robotic soldiers that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping them, and Venjix declared victory." Venjix: "I am Venjix. Your world is now my world, and your time is now over." Dr. K.: "But it's not over, not yet. If you can hear my voice, please go now to the domed city of Corinth. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please...Hurry."

In the not-so-distant future, the mysterious and sinister Venjix Computer Network is attempting to conquer and lay ruin to the entire planet. Mankind has retreated into environmentally-shielded domed cities to protect against the pollution and machines unleashed by Venjix. In the shining city of Corinth, an elite force of Rangers must learn to drive and operate an arsenal of radically advanced biotech vehicles in order to battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination.


The 9 RPM Rangers


The RPM Rangers

Main article: RPM Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Stars and Models
Racer Red Ashli Orion
Turbo Blue Lexi Martinez
Speed Yellow Briana Banks
Torque Green Jenna Jameson
Diesel Black Carmella Bing
Rev Pink Courtenay Semel
Siren White Tila Tequila
Sting Orange Priya Anjali Rai
Oynx Purple-Violet Gianna Michaels

Mach Rangers


Mach Rangers

Main article: Mach Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Stars and Models
Inscior Brown Nautica Thorn
Warth Gold Taylor Vixen
Axe Silver Kayden Kross
Spear Aqua-SkyBlue Carmen Hart
Camo LimeGreen Sara Jay

The GT Rangers


GT Rangers

Main article: GT Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Stars and Models
Bustylove Knight Brandy Talore
Zoom GT Diamond Foxxx
Lion Blaster Knight Erica Ellyson


  • Curcirt
  • Dr. K
  • BOMPER - (Born-to Outerdimension and Mechanic x Pitcrew-type Engine-support Robot) the RPM Rangers' robotic adviser and mechanic, creation of Dr. K


Designation Race Car Driver
XR Danica Danica Patrick

Guest Allies



Main article: Arsenal RPM Rangers

Transformation Devices

These morphers, like the Zord Attack Vehicles, are operated by the use of Engine Cells.

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon





Main article: Zords RPM Rangers

Zord Attack Vehicles System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord


Main article: Episodes (RPM)

The third season consisted that aired between September 7, 2009 and June 1, 2010.

Series Episode Title Original air date Production code
105 1 The Road to Corinth 9/7/09 301
106 2 Cyberskull Everywhere 9/7/09 302
107 3 Superherione Among Us 9/8/09 303
108 4 Grand Prix Mecha 9/8/09 304
109 5 Click, Click, Zoom 9/15/09 305
110 6 Go For The Yellow 9/22/09 306
111 7 Media Blitz 9/29/09 307
112 8 Stop the Presses 10/6/09 308
113 9 Circit Story 10/13/09 309
114 10 The Ice Shark Cometh 10/20/09 310
115 11 The Dark Rangers Part 1 10/27/09 311
116 12 The Dark Rangers Part 2 10/27/09 312
117 13 The Dark Rangers Part 3 10/31/09 313
118 14 Venjix Comes Alive 11/03/09 314
119 15 The Monster Diaries 11/10/09 315
120 16 Moondance Blues 11/17/09 316
121 17 Turbo Blue 11/24/09 317
122 18 Speed Yellow 12/01/09 318
123 19 Racer Red Part 1 12/08/09 319
124 20 Racer Red Part 2 12/08/09 320
125 21 Emmanuelle's Quest 12/15/09 321
126 22 Fly Girls Part 1 12/22/09 322
127 23 Fly Girls Part 2 12/22/09 323
128 24 I'm Dreaming of a Siren White 12/25/09 324
129 25 Let's The Journey Begins 1/26/10 325
130 26 Briana and Tila's Excellent Adventure 2/2/10 326
131 27 Turbo Blue's Gone Bad 2/9/10, 2/14/10 327
132 28 Blame it on Jenna 2/16/10 328
133 29 Lights, Camera and... Action! 2/23/10 329
134 30 The Perfect Stormer 3/2/10 330
135 31 Priya Rai's Upgrade 3/9/10 331
136 32 Leprechaun 3/16/10, 3/17/10 332
137 33 Oynx PurpleViolet 3/23/10 333
138 34 Mercy Part 1 3/30/10 334
139 35 Mercy Part 2 3/30/10 335
140 36 Mercy Part 3 3/30/10 336
141 37 Control-Alt-Delete 4/6/10 337
142 38 Azoong Explains It All 4/13/10 338
143 39 The Dome Dolls 4/20/10 339
144 40 Ancient History 4/27/10 340
145 41 Key to the Past Part 1 5/4/10 341
146 42 Key to The Past Part 2 5/4/10 342
147 43 Not So Simple 5/11/10 343
148 44 Sister Keeper Part 1 5/18/10 344
149 45 Sister Keeper Part 2 5/18/10 345
150 46 Sister Keeper Part 3 5/18/10 346
151 47 Beyond A Doubt 5/25/10 347
152 48 If Venjix Won? 5/25/10 348
153 49 End Game 6/1/10 349
154 50 Danger and Destiny Part 1 6/1/10 350
155 51 Danger and Destiny Part 2 6/1/10 351


Opening theme

Ending theme


  • This is the first season to use collectible card game as weapons.
  • This is the first series where to start off with only three rangers.
  • Dr.K is the first Female Mentor.
  • This is the first series use some mechs which are a mix of animal & vehicle motifs.
  • This season reuses the word 'Venjix'
  • This is the first three Rangers being Red, Blue, and Yellow and the two that join the team being Green and Black respectively.
  • This is the second series with a Green and Black ranger at the same time (first one being Bikini Rangers: The Original Series).
  • The first use of Pink and White ranger at the same time
  • Titan MaximumNitro is Inspried by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Show Titan Maximum.
  • This is the second Bikini Rangers series to have warriors based off Auxiliary Mecha (first one being Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury).
    • This was subtly referenced by having five of the Auxiliary Rangers being called "Mach Rangers".
  • Episode 50, "Danger and Destiny Part 1", marks the 150th Episode milestone for the Bikini Rangers franchise.
  • RPM was the last Bikini Rangers series to air in the 2000s.
  • RPM is one of the few series not to source elements of its plot from the Sentai series it is based on. While Go-Onger settles on a Beast Racing theme, RPM's theme was set in a post-apocalyptic future.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Bikini Rangers Series, which would be following year as Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask.
  • RPM is also currently the only Bikini Rangers season to include both a Black Ranger and a Green Ranger as part of the core team of Rangers.

DVD Releases

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